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Hello N0llan!

Welcome to Lund, LTH and The Computer Science Guild (D-guild). N0llning (EN initiation/freshman pranks/rag/hazing) is one of the most anticipated and exciting part of the year for LTH students. Members of our guild have worked voluntarily and wholeheartedly to make it an amazing experience and a time worth remembering! Naturally, n0llning, and, being foreign to Sweden, can be a confusing experience - that is why we have made this website to make it less so.

Like any other new LTH student you will undergo a n0llning that starts 19th August and will last little over a month. This is a great opportunity to aquaint youself with other people and make new friends. Please note that the international n0llning at LU and the n0llning here, at LTH, are seperate from each other. At times events will clash and it's up to you what to part take in. Regardless of what you choose to do (or not to), it is safe to say that you'll have lots of fun and meet new friends! The days leading up to the n0llning your phadder will contact you to relay further information. Feel free to read up on our student traditions and what the different guilds do; you can find the most essential information here. For further inquires email nollning@dsek.se

Once again, we wish you a great time here in Lund and at LTH!
The D-guild


Members of the D-guild have worked extra hard this year to ensure another spectacular n0llning. Due to the pandemic there are rules and restrictions we have to abide by and these too apply to the festivies during the n0llning. All events and seatings are adjusted to abide by the, at the time, current restrictions. Since the restrictions update and change, we will inform you of what the rules are for every event. Turn to your phadder if you are unsure.

What we beg of you to do as a n0lla is to respect the restrictions, stay at home if you ever show symptoms, and at last, to have an amazing time during your n0llning!

schedule datateknik

schedule informationsteknik


Teknologkåren is divided into eleven different guilds. A guild includes students from one or more programs at LTH. The guilds take care of questions that directly concerns the students at their respective programs. Your guild is is called the Computer Science Guild, often called D-guild. The letter D comes from the Swedish word for computer science; datateknik. You can read more about the what the D-guild does on our website. (It is only in Swedish, but Google translate does a pretty good job at at translating it).


Every student at LTH is a member of Teknologkåren, TLTH. Teknologkåren is the voice of the students against the university, and acts as a meeting place for student. The main task for Teknologkåren is to supervise the education, but they also work with a lot of other things. For example, they improve the work environment for the students, take care of things regarding student aid, maintain contact with the business sector (näringslivet), entertainment, parties, and leisure activities. The expedition for Teknologkåren can be found in Kårhuset. You can also find the full time workers of Teknologkåren here. These are students who pauses their studies for one year in order to wholeheartedly work for kåren. You can read more on their website.

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Healthcare in Sweden is (almost) free. You pay a maximum of 300SEK for a emergency-visit. However, the way these visits work in Sweden may differ from other countries. If you suffer from a low-emergency issue, expect other patients to be prioritized over you. Instead, book an appointment with your local physician.


Every three months (March, June, Septermber and December) at 3 sharpt in the afternoon, Sweden test its air raid warning by sounding sirens. They that are evenly distributed on tall buildings throughout Sweden. The system has been tested way since 1931, meaning all Swedes are accustomed to it. The sound of the sirens can however come as a shock if you are not prepared for it. So, if you hear the (very audible) sirens, do not fear; It's just a routine test!


In Sweden we barely use cash anymore; we are moving towards a so called cash-free society. Meaning that you will very rarely be able to pay by cash during the n0llning. However, most regular stores still accept it. It would be wise to check if you have a high fee on card transactions while abroad, since it could be a problem for you during your first weeks here.

Guilds versus Nations

The difference between guilds and nations - what guilds are to LTH, nations are to all students at Lund's University. In order to become a member of (and to get involved in) a guild you need to be a student at LTH and a member of Teknologkåren. The corresponding requirements for nations are that you have to be a student at Lund's University, and a member of Studentlund. You become a member of Studentlund when you gain membership at a nation (which is free). You can read more about the different nations, what they do, and how to get involved at studentlund.se.

student health counseling

If you ever are feeling down, or that you are maltreated at the n0llning or your time here at LTH, you can to turn to following resources: